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News Access NG as the name implies is an Online Newspaper which is in the news and entertainment category. At News Access NG we talk about happenings in Nigeria, Africa and Beyond.

News Access NG is a news and entertainment platform with the URL www.newsccess.ng. To know more About Us, We feature numerous educative activities where our awesome visitors and subscribers in Nigeria and across the world benefits maximally and learn extensively.

News Access NG features varieties of topics cutting across, Politics, Sports, Career, Technology, Events, Health, Education, Entertainment, Gossips, Celebrities, Business and lots more.


Every week we will be featuring one Celebrity from Nigeria, This person would either be an up coming or made celebrity. He or she will talk about his/her little beginnings and how he/she broke through the huddle of being a Celebrity. This Feature is to promote and encourage the “I can do make it spirit” among youths in Nigeria and elevate the entertaining mindset of youths that would love to become Entertainers.

About Us| Our career page is also going to add smiles on the faces of our readers as we will be featuring different career/leadership professionals who will be writing on different topics on how to choose a career and succeed in it.

We believe that with hard work, we will all succeed.

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