The cute girl at the hotel

I had to quickly book a flight and two rooms for my boss and myself at our usual hotel in Ibadan, this came after a short telephone conversation with my boss. My boss had just told me that we made it to the final stage of the evaluation process of the proposal submitted in effect to a World Bank analyst project which was focused on training young talented youths in Ibadan, Nigeria.

We have gone past the first four stages and this was the final stage with just our company against another firm which is an Ibadan based firm. My company is a Lagos based consulting firm.

My boss after receiving the mail that the final stage of our presentation was slated for the next day at 9am, quickly called me up to inform me and asked me to book a flight for two, then I quickly interrupted him by saying sir but it’s a 5 man team, he then said the mail he received specified that just 2 representative from the company be present, as the final stage didn’t require much presentation. So I was asked to book a 4pm flight for us both.

Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Segun, my friends calls me Sege, I studied English in one of the federal universities in the western part of Nigeria. I am a very social and a ready to work

person, I must admit that I have a sugar quoted tongue and this also made love to interact with ladies a lot, did I just say ladies I mean cute and beautiful ladies. I was employed to my company immediately after the compulsory National Youth Service corp. scheme. I got this job because of my special skills of handling graphics, power point presentations and because I was computer savvy. These qualities made me an asset to the company since they were mostly into consulting. Enough of the introduction let take you to my story. On getting to the hotel at Ibadan, It was already some minutes to 7pm, this was due to the delay at the airport because of the weather. My boss asked us to sit at the bar of the hotel to plan on how tomorrow’s presentation would go, so I took out pen my and started taking down what I needed to add to the power point on paper. After the meeting we both retired to our rooms as I got some of preparations to make ahead of tomorrow.

When I got to my room I decided to have a cold bath, after which I relaxed and was becoming hungry so I dialed the canteen. Normally when we Lodge at the hotel with the team, we would all take our dinner and breakfasts together at the canteen but because I came with my boss I was directed that I could take my dinner in my room and make sure I collected the receipt for all I ate. So on calling the canteen a female voice responded, and that voice I couldn’t recognize. I have lodged at that hotel four more than 4times now and I know the voices of most of the female workers at the canteen due to my way of playing with females. This particular female voice sounded so different and sweet that I had to order immediately, I ordered for rice and kpomo (cow Skin) and assorted meats, I needed to sleep light coupled with the fact that I had unfinished work to do. I waited for about twenty minutes before I heard a knock of the door I quickly stood up navigated to the door and asked who it was, the same sweet female voice replied that it was room service. I immediately opened and met the shock of my life.

She could be defined as a figurative lady……lol, her cleavages were a little bit exposed and could be seen through the white polo shirt she was wearing. She was about 5’10ft tall with a chocolate colored skin, I stood in front of her dumfounded staring at her like a jackass, she must have noticed the way my eyes traveled lustfully all over her body, that she moved away to drop the tray of food on the table at a corner of the room and asked if there were any other thing I needed from the canteen, I just shook my head sideways signifying no as my answer. I couldn’t utter a word as she was just too cute to be a canteen attendant. She was the one broke the silence when she said bros its 5k, I only nodded then moved to where my wallet was and brought out 5k from it then presented it to her. In fact it was when she collected the money and turned around to go that I confirmed her as miss endowed, her figure eight was beyond description, this was my first time of setting my eyes on her and no doubts she must be newly employed. I am quite sure the manager of this hotel employed this endowed queen just to bring customers like me back to the hotel for continuous patronage.

I haven’t seen a back side as big and firm as this one and as she walked, the shaking of her backside followed her footstep shaking it unknowingly without mercy, I forgot I was putting on just a short and I was almost having a bulge in between my legs because of the lustful thought that had already filled my heart. She was just about closing the door when I called her back and told her I would need a receipt for my order, she then smiled and promised to bring the receipt when coming to pick the plates. I became dump; I couldn’t eat any longer all I wanted at that time was that sweet figure that had just left my room; I wanted a taste of her bosom and at the same time, the thoughts of tomorrow’s presentation worth millions of naira flowed across my head. I tried to eat but the thought of her was all over me. My boss must have been snoring off by now but here I am totally messed up because of this girl at the hotel. I decided to call her the girl at the hotel because i didn’t ask of her name.

I then tried all I could to finish up the meal because she might be coming up to pick up the plates. I decided to diminish the thoughts about her by bringing out my laptop and work on the power point presentation for the next day. As I was preparing it I couldn’t stop thinking about the girl at the hotel and was hoping she comes back to tidy up the plates but within me I knew I didn’t just want her to come back for just the plates but I needed to feed my eyes on her massive backside. It was just 11pm and there still wasn’t any movement on the passage or any sound of her knock on the door and I had just finished tidying up the power point presentation. Her thought still filled my head, at this time my eyes were becoming heavy I needed to sleep because I was to meet with my boss around 6am in his room to show him my presentation. It was after I turned off the lights to the room as it was sleep time that I had a knock on the door I quickly put on the light, jumped out of the bed and ran to the door, I didn’t even bother to asked who it was because I was rest assured that it must be the girl at the hotel knocking, so I just opened the door straightaway and to my greatest surprise it was………

to be continued

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